The ARCA Japan Smart Toilet is the best Japanese toilet adapted to the 21st century. It was originally called Washlet in Japan and retains this name in Asian countries. Its main feature is the incorporation of an integrated bidet, thus facilitating its continuous use. Its design and operation is conceived for the most demanding people. ARCA's smart toilet has a very elegant design and is in keeping with any type of bathroom. Some of ARCA's Japanese smart toilets avoid contact with hands because they have motion sensors.

The different models of the Japanese company ARCA Japan Smart Toilet have the most advanced technology in the world to guarantee the maximum comfort and well-being of people.

Benefits for comfort, hygiene and intimate well-being.

ARCA's Japan Smart Toilets allow the temperature of the water jets to be easily regulated, which makes it possible to customize the use depending on the needs of each user.

ARCA's smart washbasins allow you to regulate the temperature of the seat, which is very pleasant to the touch, especially in cold climates and for people who are highly sensitive to temperature changes. They also allow you to easily regulate the pressure and direction of the water jets for greater effectiveness and comfort.

Its technology allows you to lift the lid without touching it when you are going to use it, and the enamel and ceramic have been created with the most advanced technology, making them dirt-repellent.

The ARCA smart toilets, depending on the area to be treated, have dual functionality of water jets to direct them either to the perianal area or to the vulva area. In the case of the most intimate cleaning in the vulva area, it facilitates the most intimate hygiene during menstruation, as well as during and after pregnancy.

Depending on the model, they also have a child function, which ensures maximum gentleness with maximum hygiene without being a problem for children and people with high sensitivity.

Health benefits

ARCA's Japanese smart toilets and seats have functionalities such as the water and air bubble stimulator, called "Pulsate", which facilitates and improves constipation and helps with hemorrhoid problems, as well as other pathologies and diseases such as Crohn's disease or irritable bowel disease, among others.

Another of the star features is the adjustable temperature dryer, which avoids infections in pregnant women and postpartum or post-surgery of the intimate areas.

ARCA's Japan Smart Toilets have been created with an advanced antibacterial ceramic which means that your toilet bowl repels dirt from even the smallest microorganisms around us. ARCA's Japan Smart Toilets are great for preventing the transmission of infections.

Benefits for people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities

The technology of Japanese toilets and smart toilet lids allows for ease of use and is a great help for dependent people.

The KL-06 Smart Toilet features a motion sensor that opens the lid automatically, as well as automatic nozzle cleaning after each use to ensure toilet sanitation. Also available in other ARCA Japan Smart Toilet models.

Benefits for the Planet

Japanese society appreciates natural resources. They are very aware of the importance of taking care of water and using it with respect. The Japanese bathing culture is one of great respect. They take showers before entering the baths so that everyone in the household can use the same water. That way they enjoy the bathing ritual to relax and not to clean themselves.

ARCA Japan Smart Toilet's commitment to the planet is total and aligned with sustainability and ecology. Its water-saving technologies are the most advanced in the world. The fully automatic and fully directed flushing of the water after each use ensures efficiency in every flush with the minimum amount of water. With the Perfect Toilet we obtain water savings of 70% in relation to a conventional toilet.

The high-tech bidet and dryer technology incorporated in ARCA's smart toilets completely eliminates the use of wet wipes as well as toilet paper consumption. Wet wipes and the high consumption of toilet paper are a threat to the planet.

Benefits for more space and cost savings

The technology of smart toilets and seats allows us to eliminate the bidet and the space it occupies. It is ideal for people who need more space and also ideal for hotels that want to increase square footage in the rooms, thus providing better customer service.

The elimination of wet wipes and the low consumption of toilet paper save annoying plumbing blockages and consumption costs.

By considerably reducing water consumption, the water bill is also reduced.

Having an ARCA Japan Smart Toilet brings a host of benefits.

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