What are the requirements to install a Japanese ARCA Japan Smart Toilet?

The installation of an ARCA Japan Smart Toilet is very simple. You only need to have an electrical outlet in addition to the usual water outlet and the vertical drain (floor drain) to enjoy all the functionalities offered by the ARCA Japan Smart Toilet.

Can I install an ARCA Japan Smart Toilet seat or lid on my existing toilet?

ARCA Japan Smart Toilet seats are easy to adapt to any existing conventional toilet. To do this you just have to check if the measures specified in our catalog are compatible with the measures of your current toilet.

In addition, you must have a power outlet near the toilet to use the functionalities.

Is a cistern necessary for the installation of an ARCA Japan Smart Toilet?

ARCA Japan Smart Toilets do not require flushing. It has a highly technological evacuation system, which makes it possible to avoid the installation of cisterns. This feature greatly facilitates its installation and considerably reduces the time and economic cost. By not having a cistern, they are more aesthetic and reduce water consumption by 70%.

Do ARCA Japan Smart Toilets require any maintenance?

ARCA Japan Smart Toilets require no special maintenance. They have a filter at the water inlet to remove all impurities that may be present from the general water supply. This filter is very easy to clean in case there is any impurity in the water. Regarding the cleaning of ARCA toilets and lids, it is advisable not to use abrasive or corrosive products.

ARCA Japan Smart Toilet lids for existing conventional toilets are fitted with an external filter which is recommended to be changed every six months to avoid calcifications or blockages. Replacement cannulae are also available for the smart seats.

What is the warranty period for ARCA Japan Smart Toilet?

All ARCA Japan Smart Toilet products have a 3-year warranty. Not applicable to misuse by the user. The warranty can be extended. Please inquire about extending the warranty period.

How does the ARCA Japan Smart Toilet work?

All models have a control panel built into the side of the toilet. Also most of ARCA's Japanese toilet seats and toilets have a very intuitive and easy to use remote control.